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Do you have employees with weak people skills?

Is your “people strategy” strong and effective?

Could you benefit from an outside perspective on the strength of your people programs?

The Edge provides executive-led, interactive corporate training or Workforce Enrichment Programs (WEPs), on-site or off-site in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, to help you significantly strengthen your employees and your leadership team.

Why bring in The Edge? Your Employees will benefit from The Edge's Workforce Enrichment Programs

  • Top Notch Programs:  The Edge’s Workforce Enrichment Programs were developed from over twenty years of recruiting, coaching and workforce maximization experience in high performing corporate environments.
  • Tailored Engagement:  WEPs are tailored to your specific workforce challenges.  In many companies, the proper resources to address these challenges don’t exist or are in need of reinvigoration.  Your Human Resources department may stretched too thin, and tackling employee satisfaction and talent development is not a priority.  We come in, objectively analyze your workplace and design an easy-to-implement custom program for you.
  • Expert Executive Insights:  Company founder, Matt Miades, a former partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and an executive coach, designs and delivers each WEP personally.  His engaging presentation style along with his objective, honest and insightful assessments of talent and skill sets will reinvigorate your workforce and increase productivity.


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What do we offer? 

Our WEP’s address two key workforce issues  that companies have trouble effectively addressing internally:

1.      Employee and Leadership Soft Skills Development: Admit it. Both employees and management team members can induce unnecessary frustration, conflict, inefficiency and downright cringe-worthy moments at times, but you pray they won’t hurt your business.  Team members with strong soft skills will make the sale, smooth over the disgruntled customer, empower each other, and cooperate better.  

Taking the time to strengthen your entire team’s soft skills will result in:

  • More adaptable and empowered employees
  • Higher morale due to increased transparency and leadership commitment
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased potential for future company leaders
  • A unified workforce with better communication skills and less conflict
  • Improved employee presentations and proposals to customers and management

Group discounts for sending 3 or more employees off-site to The Edge are available.  Call Matt Miades at 855-866-EDGE today to find out more!

2.    Corporate Talent Assessment and People Strategy Enhancement:  A People Strategy is your approach to handling your workforce in a way that supports your organizational objectives. Many companies don’t take the time to formulate a cohesive and maintainable People Strategy, and their approach ends up misunderstood, ill conceived or stale.  Still others lose sight of their existing strategy over time, allowing it to melt away around them and lose its intended benefits. 

A clear, cohesive people strategy results in:

  • Strengthened leadership engagement with the workforce
  • Increased productivity and morale resulting from direct attention to people issues
  • Empowerment for employees who may feel stuck
  • More consistent understanding of company strategy and roles
  • Invigorated morale and action based on a feeling of being appreciated
  • A “shot in the arm” for your best and brightest to maximize their potential

The Edge does not just provide training, but focuses on truly developing and caring for people in a systematic way that will drastically improve their value and productivity. Don’t lose focus on your most valuable resource. Invest in your employees and leaders and feel the transformation in your workforce!

To discuss having a program designed for your company, call Matt Miades at 855-866-EDGE or email Matt at

“Time and time again I’ve seen the power of an effectively managed People Strategy in transforming employees into an informed, motivated group of professionals with a significantly enhanced set of soft skills! It’s often what separates average organizations from great organizations. I started The Edge specifically to help individuals and companies to maximize their potential in this space, and to realize the tremendous benefits that can be gained with a proper focus on these critical, but often undermanaged, areas.”
Matt Miades, Founder, The Edge