For Parents

So you’ve helped your son or daughter go to college and now they’re going to be happy, financially independent and living on their own – right?

Not quite.

College may have provided your child with great technical skills but companies report that college graduates still lack essential people or “soft skills.”  Still skeptical?  See any one of the articles below:

These articles reinforce the fact that companies are disappointed with the level of professionalism and soft skills in young professionals today.  Changing from a college mindset to a career mindset is difficult for kids, and while Gen Y is outstanding technologically, many lack an “executive presence” and have poor people skills.

We realize that you may have already invested a substantial amount in your child’s college education.  But think back to all of the activities that you financed for your child growing up.  Hockey, softball, soccer, dance lessons, instrumental instruction, gymnastics . . . the list goes on and on.  For each activity you had to spend money to join the team, buy uniforms and enter tournaments. When your child was struggling, you paid for private coaching or things like “speed and agility” training to make them better, stronger or faster.

Paying for the Career Acceleration Program for your child is the same concept,  but the payoff is bigger and longer lasting.  It gives your child access to an expert coach with over 20 years of hiring, mentoring and recruiting experience to develop the people skills so highly desired by employers.  College provided some of the knowledge required to get a job, but it simply does not provide enough to secure their longer term success.

You’ve always gone the extra mile for your child.  Doesn’t it make sense to invest in a program that will have a definite impact on the trajectory of their career?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the questions below, the Career Acceleration Program will pay off tremendously for your child. Is your son or daughter:

  • Normally a go-getter but daunted by the thought of working in the real world?
  • Not at the maturity level required for a corporate environment?
  • Unfamiliar with the work styles of Generation X and Baby Boomers?
  • A current college student beginning to think ahead about his or her career?
  • Working an interim job beneath their education level?
  • Bouncing around from job to job in frustration?
  • Savvy on social media but not great in person?
  • Not aware how their personality or actions come across to others?
  • Impatient for a promotion or to make their next career move?

I will help your child find the answers to these questions and master the soft skills most desired by corporate executives and recruiting professionals.  They will feel more confident, appear more polished, make better decisions, see the bigger picture at work and get noticed faster by the right people.

Please see the Career Acceleration Program description for an outline of the course content and REGISTER your child today!

“I have mentored hundreds of young people during my career, and every single one of them needed the soft skills development that we are providing here at The Edge.”
Matt Miades, Founder, The Edge