Full House For Edge Presentation On The Quarter Life Crisis

February 24, 2014 11:24 am - by Raquel Hunter

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Jan. 28th, 2014.  The Edge founder, Matt Miades, spoke to a group of over ninety professionals on January 28th for YPN Philly at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.  The presentation, “The Quarter Life Crisis,” was one of the best attended presentations that YPN Philly has hosted and demonstrates the frustration and angst that millennials are currently experiencing in their lives.

Psychologist Dr. John C. Livio gave introductory remarks about the crisis from a mental health perspective and then Matt Miades spoke on the professional awareness and soft skills necessary to manage a career through a Quarter Life Crisis.  “You need to reframe your thinking,” said Miades.  “This is a time of opportunity—not a crisis.  Take a hard look in the mirror and really listen to the feedback that you’ve been given by your friends and co-workers and change your thought process.”  Questions from the crowd included how to deal with negative co-workers, how to find a mentor and key mistakes that Miades has seen young professionals make.

Miades’ company, The Edge, specializes in filling in the skills gap that exists between college and career.  His Career Acceleration Program focuses on the most desired soft skills by employers and the skills essential for career success.  Participants role play, execute case studies and learn from real life examples.  In addition, participants receive an expert resume review, free one-on-one coaching session and ongoing access to a lifelong network of future leaders.

THE EDGE was founded in 2012 by Matt Miades, a former Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC.  The Edge’s mission is to sharpen the soft skill sets of college students, young professionals and business people via executive-led, interactive development programs. Current Career Acceleration Program locations include The Hub Cira Center, The Villanova Conference Center and The University of Delaware. Corporate programs and individual coaching are also available.  For more information, visit www.sharpenyourpotential.com.


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