The Edge Guest Lectures at University of Delaware

March 7, 2014 4:31 pm - by Matt Miades

The Edge founder, Matt Miades, guest lectured to a great group of students registered for Marketing 301 on March 6th at the University of Delaware.  

Matt had the opportunity to draw content from his Career Acceleration Program curriculum to enlighten the students about marketing from a career perspective.  “It’s amazing how many ties there are between marketing a product or service and marketing YOURSELF,” commented Matt,  “My goal for the lecture was to help them to understand the tremendous value that comes from self-development and networking.”

The Edge’s Career Acceleration Program is a 5 week in-person professional development program that focuses on strengthening soft skills in college students and young professionals.  There is a huge gap in skills between college and career, and The Edge’s mission is to fill that gap so that young people get hired and promoted faster.