Workforce Enrichment Programs

Professionals want to succeed. They want to adapt. They want to be heard. They want to grow and they expect a sustained corporate investment in their development and success.

Bring in The Edge to create a training program to increase your employees’ awareness, adaptability and flexibility for increased productivity and profits, and to help your leadership team to be part of the solution!

Workforce Enrichment Programs (WEPs) are corporate training programs tailored for your organization, culture and corporate practices.  We zero in on the People Skills that are most lacking in your company, in both your employees and your management team. The Edge offers WEPs in two core areas — Soft Skills Development and Talent Assessment/People Strategy Enhancement, as described below: 


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1.  Employee and Leadership Soft Skills Development

Does your organization see a gap in the soft skills of your employees and leaders?  Are you frustrated with their ability to communicate, be flexible and solve problems? 

Ideal for companies of any size, tailored to your unique needs and implemented on-site or off-site. Half-day, full-day and multi-day programs are available.  Delivery formats and repeat usage of materials can also be discussed.

Talent development, particularly in the area of soft skills, is a difficult challenge for organizations today. You’re hiring professionals who often have a different perspective on work and career than you do.  You also have existing staff and management team members who can benefit from a reinvigoration of their overall People Skills and their ability to have a more positive impact on performance and morale. 

If you have younger staff, we know for sure that they communicate differently, are less accustomed to formality, have unrealistic expectations at work, and many times don’t interact effectively with their more tenured co-workers — and to be honest and realistic, we all know that this isn’t limited to just the younger employees.  If you are employing a mix of generations, consistent soft skills are critical, for everyone, to ensure that these groups work effectively together and getting the job done right!

Following are some of the topics that can be built into a customized program:

Leadership Self-Presentation Time Management Ethics/Integrity
Teamwork Office Etiquette Adaptability/Flexibility Career Management
Communication Work Ethic Self-Development Performance Management
360 ° Feedback Networking Problem Solving  

Below are the key steps we take to create your customized soft skills corporate training program:

  1. Initial Consultation:  Perform an initial consultation to discuss your business, assess your workforce structure and gain management’s perspective on key areas for focus.
  2. Program Development:  Develop a customized training program addressing your specific needs.
  3. Program Implementation:  Work with your employees and/or management team, on-site or off-site, to deliver the interactive program and improve performance and satisfaction.
  4. Follow Up:  Perform a follow-up visit 3-9 months after delivery to revisit the outcomes of the program and realign the focus where needed.

Executing The Edge’s soft skills training program will result in:

  • More adaptable employees
  • Higher morale due to increased transparency and leadership commitment
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased potential for future company leaders
  • A unified workforce with better communication skills and less conflict
  • Newfound employee empowerment
  • Improved employee presentations and proposals to customers and management

To discuss your training and development program, please contact Matt Miades at  or call 855-866-EDGE for pricing and scheduling today.  Group discounts for sending 3 or more employees off-site to The Edge are also available!


2.  Corporate Talent Assessment and People Strategy Enhancement

Does your leadership team need to focus more on how they engage developmentally with your people?  Would you benefit from an increase in morale and productivity? Is your investment in your people paying off like you need it to?

Ideal for companies with 200 employees or less.  Program is customized for your organization, culture and work practices.

A well-designed People Strategy drives the investment in your workforce, from the newest hire to the most experienced executive. It drives the behaviors in your workplace that support the hiring, growth, development, mentoring and retention of your people. The strategy must have both formal and informal components, and it requires the active input and support of executive leadership on an ongoing basis.

An effective People Strategy is dynamic, leaving room for individuals to offer ideas and to be heard; it allows employees to be rewarded for their contributions in diverse ways and to makes them feel like a key part of something much bigger than themselves.  To be most effective, it becomes a key agenda item in every management meeting.

The Edge builds People programs that enhance the career experience for the entire team!

Below are the key steps we take to realign your corporate People Strategy (depending on agreed-upon scope):

  1. Initial Consultation:  Perform an initial consultation to understand your business, assess your current people practices and initiatives, discuss your goals regarding the workforce and agree on an outline for the project.
  2. Customized Proposal:  Create a customized proposal within your time frame and budget to address your company’s needs as defined during the initial consultation.
  3. Workplace Assessment:  Assess the current workplace environment from various perspectives, including employees, management, executive leadership and in some cases, customers.
  4. Policy Assessment:  Examine your organization’s current policies, procedures and initiatives as they relate to the goals of the organization and the views of stakeholders.
  5. Problem Analysis:  Where recurring problems exist, analyze the symptoms and root causes in detail.
  6. Leadership Meeting:  Discuss the results with leadership prior to developing a plan to reinvigorate the corporate People Strategy.
  7. Executive Report:  Develop a report for executive leadership presenting the challenges, illuminating the root causes, suggesting recommendations for the mitigation of issues and outlining the realigned People Strategy.
  8. Strategy Implementation:  Codify the strategy, train as needed, work with management to implement the strategy, and provide recommendations for maintenance.
  9. Follow Up:  Perform a follow-up visit 3-9 months after delivery to revisit the outcomes of the program and realign the focus where needed.

Allowing The Edge to analyze and reinvigorate your company’s People Strategy will result in:

  • Strengthened leadership engagement with the workforce
  • Increased productivity and morale resulting from direct attention to people issues
  • Empowerment for employees who may feel stuck
  • More consistent understanding of company strategy and roles
  • Invigorated action based on a feeling of being appreciated
  • A “shot in the arm” for your best and brightest to maximize their potential


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To discuss your enrichment program, please contact Matt Miades at  or call 855-866-EDGE for pricing and scheduling today!