Career Acceleration Program Benefits

The Career Acceleration Program (CAP) is a MUST for any young professional  who wants to move their career forward.


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The Edge’s Career Acceleration Program is designed for college students and young professionals who want the inside scoop on what it really takes to get ahead. The program is specifically designed for:

College Students and Recent Grads Young Professionals
  • Juniors and seniors in college preparing for their post college career.
  • Undergraduate business majors or liberal arts majors who want to get a jump on their peers.
  • Recent grads unable to find corporate positions who want to assimilate quickly when they land a job.
  • Recent grads interviewing and looking for employment.
  • Young professionals in the first few years of working in a business environment.
  • Young professionals who have delayed the start of their career and need to catch up to their peers.
  • Those unable to attend college but are working in a corporate environment and need to sharpen their soft skills. 

Trial and error can be a painful and costly way to stumble through your first few years in a corporate environment. Why miss opportunities and potentially embarrass yourself in front of upper management if you don’t have to?

At critical moments like your first interview, first training, first crisis and first performance review, there is always opportunity. In these situations you can either totally blow it, or make a name for yourself. The Career Acceleration program is designed to make you aware of these opportunities and challenges, and teach you how to maximize them. Investing in your soft skills now will pay off tremendously right away and throughout your career.

Our instructors have spent years in executive leadership roles and know the “do’s and don’ts” regarding staff performance. Get the “inside information” on what it really takes to be successful and start the journey to Sharpen Your Potential!