Career Coaching Benefits

Investing in career coaching is a proven method for enhancing your opportunities for success, gaining perspective on how others’ see you at work, identifying and refining your development areas, building/leading team and approaching challenges and opportunities with a clear vision.

The Edge’s career coaching is a must if you:

  • Desire focused attention and analysis of your particular skill set. Choosing the best course of action requires a thoughtful approach and an experienced outside perspective. 
  • Received a poor performance review at work. Find out how to turn things around.
  • Are looking for a job or planning to leave your job. Moving smartly and presenting yourself in the best light takes work, and you need a strategy.
  • Can’t understand why coworkers are not receptive to you or you can’t seem to please upper management. Seeing ourselves from others’ perspectives is not easy, but is crucial in a workplace filled with egos, ulterior motives and uncertain evaluation criteria.
  • Don’t have a career plan created or really even know where you want to take your career from here.

Matt Miades is a successful, experienced executive who has managed and coached in high performing environments for years. He has seen the myriad of successes and failures that professionals encounter, and been an integral part of the development of hundreds of successful individuals from early career professionals to senior company leaders.

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